Vieques Sightseeing Adventures

Let us show you one of the best kept secret in the Caribbean

Vieques Secluded Beach Massages

November through April

Treat yourself with a relaxing break from the sun and enjoy a massage on one of the many secluded beaches on the island of Vieques. We have turned an ordinary activity into a magical experience by taking advantage of the island’s beauty to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Island Hoping Adventure

November through April

Maximize your time in the Caribbean cruise around Vieques and Culebra all in one day.

Vieques History and Rum Distillery Adventure.

November through April

Learn About Vieques History and some of the most significant landmarks on the island which represents parts of Vieques fascinating history. Learn about the island's diverse history including pirates, sugar farmers, one of the oldest archaeological sites in Puerto Rico and the US Navy. End your adventure the 1st Rum Distillery in Vieques and tasting our local rum.

Vieques Sea Adventure

November through April

Let our Captain take you on a cruise around the turquoise waters of Vieques. Spend more time in the water, snorkeling or paddle boarding around our favorite hidden spots.

Beach Bum Adventure with Beach BBQ

November through April

Ditch your GPS and let us drive you to the best beaches in Vieques. Spend a full day discovering some of Vieques most secluded beaches on the island, spend time soaking in the sun and enjoying some of the most breathtaking sceneries in Vieques. End your adventure with a beach BBQ.

Vieques Sightseeing Land and Sea Adventure

November through April

Enjoy a full of fun. This adventure allows you to explore the entire island. Start your day driving through the areas of Vieques only accessible by car. End your adventure with a sightseeing cruise and let our captain take you to the best hidden spots around the island.

Surround yourself with the Caribbean and Atlantic ocean, wild horses, a large collection of secluded beaches and a unique natural habitat home to a diverse wildlife as well as the largest bioluminescent bay in the world. Vieques is known as one of the only Spanish Virgin Islands located 8 miles off the east coast of Puerto Rico. Let our team guide you in your own journey of discovery of the best hidden gems of the Caribbean.